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Curriculum Features

The study program is structured around a system that allows for more flexible and diverse learning while maintaining the traditional educational policies and strengths of the School of International Studies.

1 The School of International Studies offers a multifaceted understanding of international society from a variety of academic fields, including history, culture, politics, economics, and law, and provides a wide variety of courses to meet the diverse needs and aspirations of international students.
2 In addition, the School provides language education with an emphasis on the practical use of languages in everyday and working life. In particular, we provide a variety of programs in English, but we also offer many programs in other languages.
3 The School of International Studies believes that a solid understanding of Japanese society will benefit students who seek to play an active role in the international community in the future. The School thus offers a wide range of courses in Japanese history, culture, and society. This includes providing training for aspiring Japanese language teachers.
4 Many students who enroll in the International Studies Program aim to study abroad while still enrolled as students at Kanazawa University. The School therefore provides sufficient support for language training and for study abroad opportunities at partner universities throughout the world.
5 In addition, in our class, scholars and specialists in each subject area and field provide careful guidance to individual students as well as to small groups of students. This guidance ranges from introductory courses just after admission in the first year to graduation thesis writing guidance for final year students.
6 Students in the Department of International Studies are asked to select multiple programs in their second year, from which they decide their major subject field in their third year. This system allows students to acquire broad and comprehensive academic knowledge. It also serves to deepen their knowledge of their chosen specialized fields by providing a clearer awareness of the related topics and issues in their fields of interest.

10 Programs across 3 Domains

The program consists of ten programs across three domains. This includes 3 English language programs. 10 English language program can also serve as a minor subject.

After studying the basic elements of a specialty subject (or subject of interest) in the first year, students register for multiple programs in the second year, select a major program and seminar course in the third year (a minor program can also be selected), and write a required graduation thesis in the fourth year.

Each program consists of a grouping of courses from among four subject groups.

Each program has a full-time faculty member and an associate faculty member who are responsible for the management and administration of the program and who provide assistance to each and every student.

Students may change their major subject of study from one program to another in the middle of their studies.