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Our Program

We offer two academic courses (Japanese Studies and International Relations) for those who have taken a bachelor’s degree and want to pursue your interest in a postgraduate (Masters) studies program. The duration of the course is 2 years.

International Relations and Area Studies Course

This course allows you to study a wide range of issues related to international relations or the history and culture of specific areas/countries. Students are expected to acquire proficiency in a foreign language and use a variety of materials to support their analytical framework. The course aims to prepare graduates to be able to objectively and critically analyze international issues. This course also provides English taught modules. Find out more.

Japanese Language Education and Japanese Culture Studies

This course aims to train graduate students to have an expertise in the field including Japanese Language, Japanese Language Education, and Japanese Culture. Students are encouraged to have a practical experience in teaching Japanese as a foreign language. Find out more.


Students who are keen to study international relations, intercultural relations, communication in English and other languages, Japan and Japanese identity, or those who wish to teach Japanese as a foreign language are welcome to apply. For the admission policy and procedure, please click here.

Featured professors

Dedicated professors who have established their research career are waiting for you.
International Relations and Area Studies: Dr. R. Nakano
Japanese Language Education and Japanese Culture Studies: Dr. N. Fukasawa, Dr. M.Oe


Kanazawa is a beautiful, cultural city in Hokuriku region. Find out more.