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    The College of International Studies was founded at Kanazawa University in April 2008 with the mission of nurturing individuals who embody true cosmopolitanism, possessing deep insights into international society, and actively seeking paths toward peaceful coexistence with diverse cultures in our increasingly globalized world. Our overarching aim is to cultivate a multifaceted understanding of both Japan and the broader global context. To achieve this objective, we have crafted a curriculum designed to facilitate comprehensive study while fostering proficiency in foreign language communication, particularly in English. In 2022, our curriculum adopted a “program system” to enable more flexible learning in line with a fast-changing society. Rather than selecting one field from the beginning, you can start with a wide range of fields and narrow down what you want to study in stages; it is also easier than before to adjust your course of direction as needed.

Further info

Our programs are structured to enable more flexible, diverse learning while maintaining the existing educational policies and strengths of the School of International Studies.